About Practice Safe Skin

Forward-thinking cities, citizens, non-profit organizations, and businesses of all shapes and sizes can make a positive impact on the health of their community by installing convenient and attractive sunscreen dispensers in high-traffic areas and outdoor spaces. Thanks to the partnership with BrightGuard, IMPACT Melanoma and its Practice Safe Skin program has installed over 4,000 sunscreen dispensers in a variety of public and private settings making sun protection readily available. Our accomplishments even caught the attention of NBC Nightly News.

These weather-resistant, low maintenance dispensers provide a variety of free sunscreen to help increase sun safety awareness throughout diverse communities nationwide. IMPACT Melanoma is also your resource for invaluable educational initiatives as well - further expounding upon the presence of sunscreen dispensers in your unique community. We're here to help.

When it comes to obtaining sunscreen-dispensing units to be utilized by your community members, we've got your covered. #PracticeSafeSkin #SPFisYourBFF

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areas of utilization map showing cities Practice Safe Skin has deployed dispensers


To date, we’ve slathered all 50 states nationwide with sunscreen. Get your community involved today and be a part of the movement.

IMPACT education
IMPACT education


IMPACT Melanoma has a suite of educational programs that can help you teach your target audience about the dangers of UV exposure.

Sunscreen Dispensers
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Our dispensers are a tool to educate about the dangers of UV radiation, and have been proven to decrease the overall incidences of skin cancer.