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girl in her teen years showing signs of UV damage, as shown by a UV Face scanner.

IMPACT Melanoma provides Skin Safety programs across New England for community health fairs, school programs, hospital health fairs, and other non-profit groups. We can show you the effects of sun damage using facial scanners and provide educational materials.

Facial scanners are an educational tool to help people understand the damaging effects of the sun. Through the use of ultra-violet rays, these scanners allow you to see the layer of skin not visible to the naked eye. Used for middle school children through adults, this tool helps identify the areas of your face most impacted by the sun and allow us to show the benefits of sunscreen in blocking UV rays.

There is typically no charge for this outreach to non-profit groups; there would be a fee for any for-profit organization. To request a scanner/materials, please fill out the appropriate form below. Please note that shipping charges will apply to those who are a for-profit organization. Our attendance at all events is subject to staff / scanner availability. Currently our volunteers are restricted to the New England region and we cannot guarantee that a volunteer will be available to attend.

The tan you don’t see in the mirror
A special ultraviolet camera makes it possible to see the underlying skin damage done by the sun. And since 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, what better reason to always use sunscreen, wear protective clothing and use common sense.

Contact Tracy Sconyers by email at tsconyers@impactmelanoma.orgor by phone at 978-371-5613 for more information.

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